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New Homo (sapiens?): Memory out of Reach

opinionPosted by grim(m)burger Tue, October 14, 2014 11:47:03

Two years ago a man went to work in Brussels and forgot his six month old baby in the car. Upon his return after work, the child had died from dehydration.

After arrest and interrogation, he is arraigned for involuntary manslaughter. Two years later the case comes to court. The prosecution demands a conviction for involuntary manslaughter, but does not push for any effective prison term or other punishment: they will be satisfied with a confession of guilt. The defense demands acquittal.

The judge has followed the defense and grants acquittal. What is (more than) surprising is not the acquittal as such, because it was obvious that the ‘crime’ was an accident rather than a willful act, and that the father has already been punishment enough by having to live with the loss of his child and the memory of his deadly negligence.

What is, indeed, stupefying, is that the judge motivates the decision of acquittal by stating: if a person can forget a mobile phone in the car, then (s)he can also forget his baby, for it shows that a person is not in control of the brain function which we call memory. Therefore (s)he cannot be guilty.

Such judgments open a Pandora Box of questions, starting with “to what extent is attention for a mobile equal to attention for your own little baby” or, less straightforward, do we all suffer from serious Altzheimer from Day Zero?

Worse for "civilisation at large" though, is the very basis of the argument: namely the thought that our legal system now has put a stake in the ground where “not remembering” has become just a bodily function over which we have no direct control, a disease really, which (obviously) affects some people more often than others, and some people in a totally different degree than others.

This ruling must be a first in the so-called civilised world (and is almost definitely impossible anywhere else in the world). Considering that Belgium is one of the most advanced and rich countries in the world, the ruling implies that the (o so advanced) Belgians are less and less in control of themselves, that they are turning into “just mammals”, with a brain – at one time yonder the center of human supremacy – that leads a natural life all by itself, like a liver perhaps. The ruling may also illustrate that the judge, being Belgian among Belgians, is already a vivid example of this new brand of homo sapiens, namely those people with brains they don’t at all control.

Grimburger, October 14th 2014

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Proto Fascism in NYT Ukraine Reporting

opinionPosted by grim(m)burger Sat, May 10, 2014 11:52:47

Proto-fascism in the West is spreading at an alarming rate.

Whether it is politics leading the press, or vice versa, is difficult to ascertain for “outsiders”. It is obvious however that, almost independent of the “political color” of any newspaper, one cannot deny that Western “burghers” are force fed only one truth in world affairs, and that is the truth held by the leaders of the mediatic ecosystem in Western capitals.

The escalating Ukrainian situation has been the latest example, and an exquisite one at that. Today’s reporting was the cherry on the cake: while Ukrainian tanks were threatening to crush civilians in the streets, actually including one person shot dead at point blank (footage seen on tv), the Int’l NYT thought it wise, and presumably journalistically correct , to only report, in four lines, that “Ukrainian security forces attacked a police station killing seven people in Mariupol”. At the same time, the editor elected to inundate us with Putin’s visit to the Crimea, ad nauseum enhanced by regurgitated opinion about the situation in the Crimea and gratuitous introspection of Putin’s grander objectives.

No mention of Tiananmen!? Did the unarmed protesters that wanted to stop the tanks in the streets of Mariupol have the wrong intentions perhaps – “wrong” as seen from a railroaded Western opinion? Maybe, most likely even, these people had truly peaceful purposes, as in “Stop this Massacre Now!” Why indeed does anyone stand in front of a moving tank, unarmed? Is that not worth finding out? Are we afraid that the answers interfere with our preprogrammed headlines?

And what about applying disproportional force!? Months ago in Kiev, anti-government protesters occupied various buildings (some reportedly still do!) and they were shot at by the then-Ukrainian security forces. The press in the West raised hell and condemnation about undue force and, even, criminal killing. What then does the same press have to say about the killings in Mariupol on Friday May 9th 2014? No disproportional force?

Those of us that keep an open and critical mind for what happens in the world around us, are not surprised that Western journalists cover those killings … under a deafening blanket. I don’t know how you can call yourself a journalist and perpetrate this “lying by smothering” unless you have been infected by a fascistic virus, making you believe that your truth is the only one around, and that it is your duty to spread “The Word” – your word.

Democracy has, meanwhile, many (hooded) enemies.

Saturday May 10th 2014
(Letter to the Editor of the Int NYT)

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