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Radio in Belgium: 100 years

soundbitesPosted by grim(m)burger Wed, March 12, 2014 14:36:33

Belgian radio celebrates.
Today, indeed, they mark the centennial anniversary of the emergence of radio in the Belgian territories. The audio splices from March 1914 were French-only, befitting, as Flanders was just an appendix to the Kingdom, at that time.

In the lunch time news bulletin they chose to transmit some English-spoken Ukraine propaganda, closed out by a statement of Mr. Verhofstadt (desperately trying to position himself for President of the European Commission?) seemingly supporting the slanderous calls from over-excited hoodlums.

It is a sad celebration of sorts for those Belgians that have valued the objectivity and rationality of the national broadcaster in what seems to be another era today. As a matter of fact, over the last years, and definitely since the beginning of the Ukranian crisis, it is difficult to NOT get the impressian that the VRT, and many Western media in general, are taking a truly proto-fascist line. The self-righteousness and the no-holds-barred attitude, often against directed at persons rather than at countries or policies, brings back memories from a history that most of us would rather not have to live through again.

Grimburger, March 12th 2014

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